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Honeymoon Rate in Hillside & Pondview Cabins

While our Hillside & Pondview cabins are wonderful for family and multi-couple vacations, they are also perfect for a couple to have a romantic getaway.  If you and your significant other would like to book either of these cabins for next trip use the "Honeymoon" rate on our booking page to receive a discount on every night of your stay.

Simply select "Change Rate or Promo Code" beside the date at the top of the page and then change the available rates from Default Rate to "Honeymoon"


This discount is only extended to an occupancy of 2.  We reserve the right to charge the cabin's standard rate if we find that the overnight occupancy is any higher than 2 during the stay.  We also reserve the right to charge additional cleaning fees if multiple beds are used during the stay.