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Feb 03


The Sawmill Restaurant in Davis, WV

Jamie and I are always looking out for diners that are serving up a good breakfast and today we set our sites on The Sawmill Restaurant.  The restaurant, a mainstay since 1979, is part of the Alpine Lodge located 12 miles north of us in downtown Davis, WV.  

Getting to the dining room is a bit of a scavenger hunt:  Walk through the door guarded by a knight in shining armor, cross the motel hallway, through a 2nd door into a foyer and up a set of steps and you've made it!  But once you've arrived you'll be greeted by a very warm and friendly staff.  Even though the place was packed when we were there, our waitress was particularly kind and attentive.  Our breakfasts (Jamie - omelette, me - biscuits and gravy) were delicious and our OJs were served in Mason jars.  What more could you ask for in a WV home cooking style diner?


304-259-5245  ext: 125