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Oct 11


Tasty Breakfast Special for Leaf-Peepers

Jamie and I have discovered that the Bright Morning Inn (13 miles north of The Golden Anchor Cabins) in Davis is offering the perfect autumn breakfast for locals and travelers for this leaf peeping season.  As always we were welcomed by cheery folk music behind the clink and clatter of a hustling breakfast restaurant when we arrived.  The warm dining room and the smell of freshly brewed coffee and frying bacon were a nice contrast to the crisp fall air outside.  But what stood out for us this time was the announcement on the specials board:  "Pumpkin Pancakes with warm maple butter sauce".  No menu was needed at our table today.

These cannot be passed up!  The fluffy pancakes, the maple butter sauce and the crunchy walnuts are a culinary delight.  The hint of pumpkin pie reminded me of being in my grandma's kitchen around thanksgiving time.  They are simply THE taste of fall in West Virginia.  We are not alone in this opinion.  Innkeeper Susan Moore shared with us that people come from miles around to have what has become their annual treat.

Bright Morning Inn cook and our friend, Eileen Whitehair, gave us some insight into what makes these pancakes so wonderful, "The maple butter sauce is made from scratch with real butter and local real maple syrup."

This special lasts until mid November (and possibly through Thanksgiving).  If you're in Tucker County one morning this fall make sure you stop by The Bright Morning Inn and sample their pumpkin pancakes!