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Seneca Rocks trail and overlook

Yes, Seneca Rocks is hugely popular for thrill-seeking rock climbers.  BUT there's another way to get that amazing bird's eye view at the top of the rocks that doesn't involve taking your life into your hands.  My family and I decided one early April morning that we would make the 19 mile trek south on Rt 32 to Seneca Rocks to hike the 1.5 mile trail to Seneca Rocks' overlook. 

While being a very short hike, it is a 1000 ft or so rise in elevation from one end to another so needless to say it was quite vigorous!  Nate had absolutely no problem and was admittedly quite bored while waiting on his significantly less fit stepdad (me).  My strong advice is to carry a few bottles of water for the climb.  At the top is an observation deck offering a stunning view of the mountains.  And if you want to climb a little beyond the overlook (and completely ignore signage stating the number of deaths that have happened beyond this point) you can have an even better view at one pinnacles of the ridge. 

Jamie and Nate opted for this.  Meanwhile, I sat on a rock remembering them fondly and watching the point they disappeared from my view until they returned seemingly hours later.  I must say that the rocks are fascinating, the view was beautiful and the trail was a blast for all of us.  I also distinctly remember the climb down going WAY faster.