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Jan 30


Lunch at White Grass Cafe in Canaan Valley

One of Canaan Valley's widely known cross country ski destinations is White Grass.  But my wife, Jamie and I discovered for ourselves they are also a fantastic cafe!  Follow Freeland Road off of Rt 32 until you start seeing flags of many nations waving proudly down a driveway and you'll find this out-of-the-way gem.  

The first thing that hit us was the wonderful aroma of freshly made chilli.  We walk through the ski fitting area and up into a cozy cafe with a traditional chalkboard menu.  They are serving everything with an Artisan's flair; from funky Asian chicken soup to crispy paninis.  They've got a friendly staff and a quite colorful owner that makes you feel like a welcomed old friend.  Definitely put this place on your list!



(304) 866-4114