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Canaan Valley Ski Slopes

Canaan Valley Resort Ski Slopes - Drone Footage

One of these days I'm going to do a proper write-up on the skiing in the area.  For now, I wanted you to take a peek at our neighbor's slopes!  Canaan Valley Resort's Ski Area is 2 miles north of Golden Anchor Cabins.  On this particular afternoon I saw the clouds breaking and some of that gorgeous blue sky peeking onto the mountian.  I had enough battery life in my drone, affectionately known as Bug-Dog, for one run up the mountain.  I managed to catch some really nice sunlight kissing the snow-covered trees as I flew up near one of Canaan's chair lifts.  I hope you enjoy the video and keep them in mind for a fun activity this winter!


Longer video from 2/9/2018



First video from 1/26/2018

I flew around for 20 minutes or so before I realized I hadn't hit the record button.  Rookie mistake...


Escape to a cabin the mountains of Canaan Valley West Virginia this Winter

Less than a 3-hour drive from Baltimore/Washington and Pittsburgh, PA, Canaan Valley West Virginia is the hidden gem for winter activities.  With an average snowfall of over 160 inches, Tucker County becomes a winter wonderland from mid-December through March every year.  Stay at our luxury cabins and enjoy the powder at one of the three ski resorts nearby.  Canaan Valley Resort, Timberline Four Seasons Resort and White Grass Cross Country.

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