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Aug 04


Bright Morning Inn

From Bright Morning Inn's website:

The Bright Morning Inn’s restaurant is open to the public for breakfast only, five mornings per week (daily in summer). Located in the heart of Davis’s main street, our restaurant is a popular stop for visitors, and a cozy spot for good coffee, music and conversation.

When staying at the inn, guests receive a full country breakfast of their choice — from an array of regional country foods and healthy food, too. Our restaurant uses local produce, honey and maple syrup and offers seasonal specials, such as fresh peach pancakes and pesto omelets with heirloom tomatoes. Standard menu offerings include basic bacon and egg breakfasts along with signature omelets, breakfast burritos, homemade biscuit and gravy, and several varieties of fluffy pancakes. For lighter appetites we offer locally-made granola with milk or yogurt or oatmeal with fruit and nut toppings.

Whatever your taste or appetite, we provide hearty cooked-to-order breakfast, carefully prepared. It’s the perfect beginning for your day’s adventure!

Take a look at their menu at:


Our ongoing quest for awesome breakfast joints in Tucker County led us to the Bright Morning Inn.  This near 5 star B&B as rated by tripadvisor.com is a short 12 miles north of our cabins traveling on Route 32 through Canaan Valley.  It has a cozy, folksy dining room where you feel immediately comfortable and welcomed.   With my family at my table, we ordered a cross section from the menu.  

The pancakes... fluffy and buttery.  The bacon... crisp and juicy.  The French toast... rolled in oats and loaded with fresh bananas.  Biscuits and Gravy... oh my.  Flaky with just the right amount of toasting then smothered with clearly homemade savory sausage gravy.

If you happen to be traveling through Davis in the early morning hours and discover the unmistakable smell of bacon cooking in the air, rest assured that The Bright Morning Inn is dishing out the good stuff today.