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Blackwater Falls State Park - Lindy Point Overlook

On this particular Saturday morning, Jamie and I traveled to the Blackwater Falls State Park.  It has been a few days after the last major snow of the winter.  We stopped at the lodge to get some advice from the always-friendly staff at their front desk.  

We wanted a great lookout point and a little exercise too.  Lindy Point was their consensus. With directions and map in hand, we were on our way.

The nearest parking for Lindy Point is at the base of the sled run.  From there, the park packs the snow for cross country skiers to breeze over the 1 1/2 mile gently rolling Canaan Loop Road.  At the end of the packed path you pick up the Lindy Point trail and travel another 1/4 mile to the overlook.

Not realizing that this little jaunt is perfect for light cross country skiing, Jamie and I hoofed it... me, in tennis shoes and Jamie, wearing ear muffs purchased from the park's

gift shop and my spare coat.  This was probably not the most thought out journey we'd ever taken.  But the day was so beautiful that we were soon grateful we'd decided to come.  Blue skies were only interrupted by trees shaking off snow in either spraying plumes or massive clumps that inevitably found the gap between my coat and head.  The final trail to the overlook causes a wonderful anticipation as the trees get thinner and thinner allowing you to see more and more sky without opening up its secret until the last second.  Nearing the trail head, you can happen upon a window through the shrubs that will tell you just how perilously high you actually are.  Stepping up onto the overlook's platform gives you the payoff in grand style... a pristine mountain panorama of Blackwater Canyon.  This is one of the finest overlooks on the property and perhaps all of West Virginia!

After taking our pictures and returning to the car we decided to take a peek of the falls from the Lodge's side of the river.  This lookout point is only a few hundred yards from the roadside parking and requires only a few steps to get onto the platform.  While farther away than the overlook on the other side of the river, this vantage point somehow gives you a greater appreciation for the sheer size of the 57' tall falls.

This is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.  The only way to top it is by spending the evening in one of our hot tubs!