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Blackwater Falls State Park - Elakala Falls

Blackwater Falls State Park makes for a great day trip.  While the grand Blackwater Falls itself is the crown jewel of the park, there's another waterfall on the property that allows you to get up close and personal with it.  

A short and  well marked trail leaving the park's lodge will take you to the first of a series of four waterfalls known as Elakala Falls.  This is one of Jamie's favorite treks in Tucker County because unlike Blackwater, at Elakala you can get right into the falls.  Because these falls are tucked away on the property it is a much more private experience.  Bring your camera as this site is quite photogenic.  I will warn you though, many photographs exist depicting a swirling pool at the base of the falls.  This is a photographer's timelapse trick not visible to the naked eye.



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