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Blackwater Falls State Park Sled Run Planning Tips

Over Valentine's Day weekend, our never ending search for all things fun in Tucker County led our family from The Golden Anchor Cabins north 15 miles to Blackwater Falls State Park yet again.  This trip in particular was to check out Blackwater's wildly popular winter activity, the sled run.

Since the sled run isn't clearly labeled upon entering the park, follow the signs past the lodge then on toward Lindy Point to the cross country ski center.  No need to stop at the lodge as you purchase your passes directly from the staff at the center.  This facility also acts as a warming hut and snack bar.

Passes for the four of us were a reasonable $93.28 (I remember this vividly as I first thought the lady behind the counter said $328 and was briefly but distinctly unsettled).  Click here for rates and times.  Even though our passes maxed out the occupancy in our session, we did not feel cramped either going down the run or climbing the hill on their impressive 1/4 mile long magic carpet conveyor.  Jamie found the ride up quite relaxing!

The sledding is fast and fun!  Whether you're a 10 year old or just an adult masquerading as a 10 year old, this is an absolute ball.  Feel wind rush by as you zoom down the hill and the snow spray your face as you take turns and break at the bottom.  Hear the sounds of screams and laughter from fellow sledders as they barrel down the hill with you.  This is sure to become a perennial favorite for our family. 

Pair our 3 bedroom Hillside Cabin for lodging with Blackwater's sled run for a family activity and you have yourself a perfect winter getaway in the mountains of West Virginia! Get directions from Golden Anchor Cabins to Blackwater Falls State Park here.

To book your sled run at Blackwater Falls State Park, call 304-259-5216.  Don't forget to book your cabin rental near Blackwater Falls sled run at Golden Anchor Cabins!

Yummy Tip:  There's always a crackling fire by the ski center and the snack bar sells s'mores kits complete with options like a Kit-Kat or Mounds bar instead of the standard Hershey's chocolate (mind blown!). 

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