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Blackwater Falls Overlook in the Winter

Blackwater Falls State Park has lots to offer no matter what time of year it is.  Our family took an afternoon and traveled 13 miles north on Rt 32 through Davis to the park to see what the falls looks like in the winter.  As you can see from the pictures, we chose a day where the conditions were especially snowy.  The park does not seem to keep the path cleared so be prepared for very careful stepping as you weave your way down the paths and staircases to the observation deck.  While the falls are amazing any time of year, in our opinion the snow and ice buildup around the raging waterfall make this natural wonder that much more impressive.

We found each vantage point better than the last on the path.  On our way back up to our cars we discovered the park's access road that runs from the highest lookout point to the parking lot.  Given the weather conditions, this was a much safer option and was just as pretty as the pedestrian path.  A brief stop at the park's gift shop where we purchased a few puzzles of local destinations (now available for your assembly in our cabins) capped off our excursion.  This is a must-see!