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Best Wings on the Golden Anchor Food Loop

Here's a quick list of some of our favorite area restaurants serving up our favorite appetizer, the chicken wing!  Make sure you visit these locals doing it right, next time you're staying in our cabins.

Big Johns Family Fixins wings







Big John's Family Fixins


8 for $6.99, 16 for $9.99

best price:  $0.63 per wing

directions 6 minutes

A few miles north of us on 32 is Big John's Family Fixins, where Chuck-e-Cheese meets the mountain highlands.  The bright colors of the dining room, the sound kids playing arcade machines and the occasional passing of the model trains overhead give the restaurant a fun atmosphere.  Their wings are traditionally deep fried and tossed in three tasty flavors:  buffalo, homegrown, sweet chili.  Coming in at the least price-per-wing on our list, Big John's is the best value option in Tucker County.

Daniel's choice - sweet chili


CJ's Pizzeria Parsons, WV Wings







CJ's Pizzeria


6 for $4.99   12 for $7.99   

best price:  $0.66 per wing

directions 39 minutes

CJ's PIzzeria!  Now here's a wing joint that has it going on!  Besides having the best pizza in the state, they are serving up out-of-this-world wings.  At 18 miles (by following Rt 72 North), CJ's is the farthest away from our cabins but it is totally worth the drive.  They bake then fry their jumbo sized wings and serve them with an array of sauces that will boggle your mind and make your mouth water.  

ASK FOR THE FULL WING MENU:  hot, cowboy, honey mustard, honey mustard/bbq, bbq, hot/bbq, teriyaki, Caribbean jerk, hot jerk, old bay, ranch, butter garlic, season salt, bourbon bbq, brown sugar bbq, raspberry chipotle, horseradish, Cajun, sweet & spicy chipotle, bold & creamy chipotle, bold & creamy jalapeno, cayenne, herb & garlic, lemon pepper, sweet chili, Carolina gold, Hawaiian, tomato bacon, sesame ginger

Daniel's choice - Cajun


Smoke On The Water Elkins WV wings







Smoke on the Water


Dozen – $11.95 – Half Dozen – $6.95

best price:  $1.00 per wing

directions 32 minutes

Smoke on the Water recently moved into a brand new building and it is breathtaking.  The open floor plan, vaulted ceilings and hardwood throughout make for a beautiful dining room.  Rather than frying their wings and using typical sauces, Smoke on the Water puts a smoky twist on their wing preparation.  They are marinated and slow smoked with applewood.  Use their homemade bbq sauce at your table to top these tasty wings!





Deerfield Restaruant & Pub Canaan Valley WV wings








Deerfield Restaurant & Pub


6 for $8   SPECIAL: Wednesday half price

best price:  $0.67 per wing  *only on special

directions 7 minutes

Deerfield Restaurant and Pub has to make this list.  Whilst not front and center on their menu, they serve up great wings every night.  They offer Hot, BBQ, Sweet & Spicy, and Garlic Parmesan.  The pub side of the restaurant always has local brews on tap and sports on big screen.  If you're staying in the cabins and want to catch the game with a friendly crowd while eating some delish wings, this is the place.


Trip Advisor Review:  "...the chicken wings. They were huge, delicious, and awesome. I had a sweet and sour sauce and it was great." - Musicallyminded24


Laurel Lounge Canaan Valley WV wings







Laurel Lounge

6 for $10   SPECIAL: Wednesday half price - 6 for $5

best price: $0.83 per wing  *only on special

directions  8 minutes

Canaan Valley Resort's Laurel Lounge has the best tableside view on the list hands down.  The lounge has a full bar to compliment their dinner menu and the staff is always fun and friendly.  They offer a choice of flavors consisting of hot, mild, honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, and Old Bay.  Wednesday Night's Wing Special is a local favorite so show up at 5 if you want the place to yourself.  By 6:00 it will be packed!

Jamie's choice - Teriyaki

That's the end of our list but there are so many other options for a great meal within a few minutes drive from Golden Anchor Cabins.  Check out our other posts about area restaurants.  If you've enjoyed this article please share it with your friends!

Thanks for reading,