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Jan 30

Canaan Valley State Park Ski Slope fly-over

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One of these days I'm going to do a proper write-up on the skiing in the area.  For now, I wanted you to take a peek at our neighbor's slopes! ...

Sep 04

Sitting on top of West Virginia over Labor Day Weekend

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We finally got around to climbing the big hill!  Spruce Knob's elevation is 4862' making it the highest mountain in West Virginia.  The summit of the mountain is around an hour from our cabins...

Feb 15

Useful Tips for Blackwater Falls State Park’s Sled Run

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Over Valentine's Day weekend, our never ending search for all things fun in Tucker County led our family from The Golden Anchor Cabins north 15 miles to Blackwater Falls State Park yet again. ...

Aug 16

Seneca Caverns

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​Jamie and I "Escaped. Underground." yesterday as the motto goes at Seneca Caverns in Pendleton County, West Virginia.  Growing up in this area, we'd both been on school field trips to the...

Aug 07

An afternoon aboard the New Tygart Flyer

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An opportunity unique to our area is a ride on one of the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad's passenger trains.  Their Mountain Rail Adventure excursions travel deep into the Monongahela...

Jul 24

Spruce Knob Rhododendrons

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A recent guest of ours submitted these photos and a great write-up on their trip.  Thanks Becky!

The Golden Anchor Cabins was the perfect place for us to stay during our recent trip to West...

Jul 05

4th of July in Petersburg, WV

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Jamie and I wanted to see a local fireworks display this year so we started asking around.  I found out that Thomas has a great show not to mention an Elvis impersonator to warm up the crowd....

Jun 25

Exploring Bear Rocks at The Dolly Sods

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We've been doing a lot of traveling lately exploring the Potomac Highlands.  In an effort to get some of our findings to you sooner, I'm enlisting the help of my wonderful wife, Jamie, and my...

Mar 07

Blackwater Falls State Park - Lindy Point Overlook

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On this particular Saturday morning, Jamie and I traveled to the Blackwater Falls State Park.  It has been a few days after the last major snow of the winter.  We stopped at the lodge to get some...

Feb 10

Dolly Sods Wilderness Area (summer)

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When you look out of your window in our cabins it's easy to get lost in the view of Mount Porte Crayon, an extension of the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area.  It's that majestic view that entices so...

Feb 08

Canaan Valley Resort - Tubing

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No matter the season, Canaan Valley Resort has plenty of opportunities for you to get out and have fun.  As soon as we heard that the tube park was open for the winter, we had to run up the hill...

Feb 06

Blackwater Falls Overlook in the Winter

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Blackwater Falls State Park has lots to offer no matter what time of year it is.  Our family took an afternoon and traveled 13 miles north on Rt 32 through Davis to the park to see what the falls...

Feb 06

Blackwater Falls State Park - Elakala Falls

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Blackwater Falls State Park makes for a great day trip.  While the grand Blackwater Falls itself is the crown jewel of the park, there's another waterfall on the property that allows you to get...

Feb 05

Seneca Rocks trail and overlook

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Yes, Seneca Rocks is hugely popular for thrill-seeking rock climbers.  BUT there's another way to get that amazing bird's eye view at the top of the rocks that doesn't involve taking your life...