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11/18 2018

5 SECRETS to having the PERFECT White Christmas in a Cabin!

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Are you looking for a white Christmas in a cabin?  Finding the perfect cabin to rent for the holidays can be difficult.  There is so much to consider and there are so many options out there. ...

08/25 2018

11 Best Restaurants in the Potomac Highlands

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Today we're going to share with you the Potomac Highland's best restaurants.  In this list we've compiled the top reviews from TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google to bring you the definitive highest...

06/10 2018

Canaan Valley Resort Boards - an Offroad Segway Tour in the Woods

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  The Segway meets Offroad Trails 

If you're planning a trip to Golden Anchor Cabins and you're looking for some outdoor fun this summer, CVR's resort boards are just the ticket! This guided...

05/30 2018

Highlights of the Potomac Highlands

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The following are excerpts from www.wvtourism.com's West Virginia Travel Guide pertaining to our Potomac Highlands.  Every destination, activity and business mentioned here is a short drive from...

05/19 2018

Lady Slippers Blooming at Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park

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The most admired of all West Virginia wildflowers, the Lady Slipper is a variety of orchid that grows wild in cool, bog-like forests throughout the state.  Fortunately for us, there is just such...

05/10 2018

Spring flowers have returned to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia!—Golden Anchor Cabins

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One of the many outdoor destinations close to our cabins is the beautiful rock outcropping known as Seneca Rocks.  Even though Seneca Rocks is only 19 miles away from our cabin rentals the...

03/28 2018

Romantic Cabin Rentals near Pittsburgh, PA

Read Post Pittsburgh residents looking for Cabin for Rent with Hot Tub love the Golden Anchor Cabins!

Golden Anchor Cabins is a scenic 3 hour drive from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Canaan Valley West...

03/28 2018

Romantic Cabin Rental Near Washington DC

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If you're in the Washington DC metropolitan area and you're looking for a romantic cabin rental nearby, you've come to the right place.  Book your stay online to the most romantic cabins in West...

01/30 2018

Canaan Valley State Park Ski Slope fly-over

Read Post Canaan Valley Resort Ski Slopes - Drone Footage

One of these days I'm going to do a proper write-up on the skiing in the area.  For now, I wanted you to take a peek at our neighbor's slopes! ...

09/24 2016

Best Wings on the Golden Anchor Food Loop

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Here's a quick list of some of our favorite area restaurants serving up our favorite appetizer, the chicken wing!  Make sure you visit these locals doing it right, next time you're staying in our...

09/04 2016

Sitting on top of West Virginia over Labor Day Weekend

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We finally got around to climbing the big hill!  Spruce Knob's elevation is 4862' making it the highest mountain in West Virginia.  The summit of the mountain is around an hour from our cabins...

02/25 2016

Canaan Valley Resort’s Hickory Room lunch with a view of the mountains

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There awaits a wonderful dining experience just two miles from your cozy cabin here at the Golden Anchor. Drive north to the state maintained Canaan Valley Resort; turn left and drive to the...

02/15 2016

Useful Tips for Blackwater Falls State Park’s Sled Run

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Over Valentine's Day weekend, our never ending search for all things fun in Tucker County led our family from The Golden Anchor Cabins north 15 miles to Blackwater Falls State Park yet again. ...

12/13 2015

Big Run Falls: The waterfall in WV no one told you about.

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Big Run Falls is a locals' secret and Tucker County natives want to keep this gem to themselves.  But fortunately for you, I am NOT a native, and I want you to know about one of the best tucked...

11/22 2015

Making snow at Canaan Valley State Park!

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The park crew fired up the machines today so we ran up to see the powder flying for ourselves.  It won't be long until now until the slopes open in Tucker County!  Here's what we captured: